MakeWay Photo Studio

details & equipment

Two Elinchrom Lights (400 Ws/J) with softbox

Nine foot backdrop with the choice of multiple colors including black & white

Smoke Machine with remote to change settings

Coloured light with remote to change settings

Photostudio Room is 500x500 Feet

Our private photostudio room has two tables with mirrors for makeup and prepping

We provide a speaker with a AUX cable to easily play music during your shoot

Two doors for access, one leading to the building & bathrooms and the other to the parking lot for equipment or private access

The Photo-Studio is available everyday of the week from 9am-11pm

One of our team members will be in the building to show you the space and to aid you with equipment if needed

Same day bookings are available on request

For additional info contact (514) 358-5900


Need A Photographer?

Choose From Our In-House Photography Team

We have a great team of photographers to match your style and budget, we offer previews & examples so you can pick the right person for your shoot. If you would like to setup a meeting prior to the shoot we have office spaces to discuss planning and organization.

Add Graphics & Text To Your Photoshoot

Take your pictures to the next step! Our graphic designers can create a logo or custom design to make your picture more appealing. We can also create album art, banners, flyers and social media content for artists/businesses.

Concept And Content Creation Aid

Having troubles finding a good concept for your shoot? Our creative photographers can help you find the right props or color schemes that can bring your shoot to life!

If your looking for content creation to fill your website or social media accounts we can help take the right photos that will fit on any platform.


Already Have A Photographer?

Makeup Artists Are Available

Looking to enhance the look of your models? Ask about our makeup artists prior to your photoshoot to be accompanied with the right person that fits your shoot. We work with male & female models for a light or heavy makeup job.

Stylist & Creative Directors

Need clothes and creative ideas on set? We have great stylists & creative directors in our network to help bring your photoshoot to life.

Assistant Photographers

Having a big shoot? We offer assistant photographers for management/lighting assistance or behind the scenes shots of your photoshoot.


Our Creative space

MakeWay Photo Studio

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In-house Photographers 

Etienne De Durocher



Justin Morganstein


Hourly Plan $ 40 

  • One Backdrop Color
  • Two Elinchrome Lights
  • One Colored Light + Remote

3 Hour Package $ 100 

  • Two Backdrop Colors
  • Two Elinchrome Lights
  • One Colored Light Plus Remote

5 Hour Package $ 150 

  • Three Backdrop Colors
  • Two Elinchrome Lights
  • One Colored Light + Remote
  • One Smoke Machine + Remote

10 Hour Package $ 280 

  • Unlimited Backdrop Colors
  • Two Elinchrome Lights
  • One Colored Light + Remote
  • One Smoke Machine + Remote