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Recording, Mixing &

Work with professionally trained engineers to make your experience comfortable and efficient.  Our studio is opened everyday for booking sessions or meetings.

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Audio Development

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Book a session with one of our engineers and have your project processed to your specific needs. Bring your band or instrumental track-out, we work with all genres of music. Quality and time efficiency are valued here to make sure you get the most done within your session.


Instrumental Production

In-House Productions

Get paired with one of our producers to have your instrumental composed to your unique sound. We build the beat from scratch or remake a instrumental of your choice in a one on one session.



Rent Our Photo-Studio Or Hire A Photographer

High end LED lighting & flash lighting available with your choice of color on a 9 foot backdrop. High ceilings and open room to be comfortable with your camera crew and team.


Graphic Design

Logos, Covers, Layouts & More

Work with our graphic designer to make any digital image from your album cover to business card layout! Schedule meetings in our studio and discuss your ideas and goals for your project or idea.

Our Values

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    Clean Creative Space

    Working in a clean environment helps productivity, we believe this is key to having successful sessions and increase work flow.

    MakeWay Studios

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    Experienced Professionals

    From Audio, photography, website coding and instrumental production. We have chosen qualified people to work with our clients when branding and developing their image.

    MakeWay Studios

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    Open Network

    MakeWay has a powerful in-house production team ready for multi media branding. Send us a message about your project and we organize the right people to cater to your needs.

    MakeWay Studios


Come & Explore the power of

our service

We provide all stages of online presence from developing your content to designing your web page. We work with businesses and artist to develop solutions for your promotional needs. Let us be the first step to your success!

Instrumental Production

Creating Original Content

Get paired up with one of our talented producers to have a custom made instrumental from scratch!


Find Credible Networks To Promote

Having worked with many local artists we get contacted regularly by magazines, blogs and audio platforms on the look for new talent. Ask us about helping you reach these contacts to promote your project.


Have Your Image Reach The Standards

With the large amount of freelance workers today its hard to find the right people to work with. We scouted for years to find the perfect team to help develop your image online and in person.

Graphic Design

Logos, Flyers, Covers

Our in-house graphic designer can bring  your image or idea to life within days. Having a industry standard image representing your product is important when it comes to promotion and credibility.

Service details



Come in our facility and have your song recorded and mixed by one of our professionally trained engineers



Finished recording and mixing your album or single? Have the project mastered to take your audio to the next step.


Graphic Design

Logos, album art, business card designs or photo-shoot edits. Some of the many services we offer within our Graphic Design department. Contact us with your project details for accurate quotes.



Book a session with one of our in-house photographers of your choice at our photo studio. We have variety to best fit your style and budget.


Web Design

Sit down with our web specialist and find the perfect look for you. From CSS to Wordpress we can create your website from scratch or fill out your personal information with our selected templates. Ask about having a shop setup to sell merchandise or music.

MakeWay Studios Youtube

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We offer video services for all projects


Give people a behind the scene view of how you work. We offer cameramen and editors to cover the event of your choice and show the experience for those who couldn't be there. We specialize in covering live performances, studio sessions and project releases. Already filmed? Send us your videos to have a montage edited and finalized.



For any genre in music, representing a song visually is one of the most popular ways of having your art seen and heard. For artist who already have a script or are looking to bring a idea to life we have in-house directors you can sit down with and develop them.




Looking to advertise your business and location? Have your space represented in a fashion where it is inviting to new clients and business opportunities. Jingles and background music can be made with our production team to accompany the video with a final touch.


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