We have a great team of photographers to match your style and budget, we offer previews & examples so you can pick the right person for your shoot. If you would like to setup a meeting prior to the shoot we have office spaces to discuss planning and organization.

Take your pictures to the next step! Our graphic designers can create a logo or custom design to make your picture more appealing. We can also create album art, banners, flyers and social media content for artists/businesses.

Having troubles finding a good concept for your shoot? Our creative photographers can help you find the right props or color schemes that can bring your shoot to life!

If your looking for content creation to fill your website or social media accounts we can help take the right photos that will fit on any platform.


Looking to enhance the look of your models? Ask about our makeup artists prior to your photoshoot to be accompanied with the right person that fits your shoot. We work with male & female models for a light or heavy makeup job.

Need clothes and creative ideas on set? We have great stylists & creative directors in our network to help bring your photoshoot to life.

Having a big shoot? We offer assistant photographers for management/lighting assistance or behind the scenes shots of your photoshoot.

Looking to start your own show? 

We made production easy and simple to use! Our setup includes four microphones around two boardroom tables. 

We use Pro Tools to record each person individually for optimized mixing and editing after the show is done. We offer an amazing template to help reduce background sounds and clicks while maintaining a stable vocal level throughout your recording. 

Our space is available for single bookings or on a regular basis. Contact us for questions on starting your show!


Hourly Plan

$ 50
  • 1 Hour Show
  • Four Microphones
  • Pro Tools Setup
  • StudioLive 16 Mixing Board

Weekly Plan

$ 90
  • 2 Hour Show Per Week
  • Four Microphones
  • Pro Tools Setup
  • StudioLive 16 Mixing Board

Monthly Plan

$ 350
  • 3 Hour Show Per Week
  • Four Microphones
  • Pro Tools Setup
  • StudioLive 16 Mixing Board
  • Sony A6500 4K Camera Rental